KAIYEN Biotechnology Ltd. is a small and dynamic team dedicated to provide innovative and sustainable skin-care products for our national and international clients and consumers.  From its origins in as a skin care material manufacturer, Kaiyen has expanded into a multi-dimensional, therapy-focused company. We provide a one stop solution for all of your production, packaging, and marketing and has built its reputation on quality technologies for quality solutions that are love by consumer worldwide.

 KAIYEN Biotechnology Ltd.continuously improves, enhances and boosts its unique formulas while also testing and modifying new formulas and processes in its modern, highly efficient research laboratories. Kaiyen also has developed alliances around the world with leading dermatologists, ophthalmologists, nurses and other medical professionals in academic institutions and private practice. High quality, high requirement, high intension, high consistent are four priciples of our company. These values – our Four Principles – set us apart from others, requiring that we think and act differently towards our associates, our brands and our business that help us manufacture world-class product.